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 The EALCC comprises the Eastern Branch of the Library Association, the Eastern Division of the Career Development Group and representatives from the local branches of the Information Services, Local Studies, Public Libraries, Youth Libraries, and Higher Education Groups of the Library Association.
 http://www.ealcc.org.uk/Last Updated on 09/06/2001
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 Lead by Peterborough City Council's Library Service, which is devoted to the promotion and enjoyment of reading for everyone.
 http://www.make-a-difference.org.uk/Last Updated on 14/02/2002
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 The Make A Difference is funded for one year by the government and is led by Peterborough City Council's Library Service. Its aim is to encourage reading and the enjoyment of books with children, their families and carers.
 http://www.make-a-difference.org.ukLast Updated on 21/01/2003
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 Library information and services
 http://www.peterborough.gov.uk/page-37Last Updated on 04/02/2007
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 Request books, CDs, & cassettes, renew items on loan and search for titles. PIN required and available from your local library. Updated on 04/02/2007

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