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 KASKA is a traditional Shotokan Karate association offering training at all levels in a "family friendly" environment. Beginners are always welcome and training is offered to men and women of all ages and fitness levels, and children from the age of 6 years.
 http://www.kaskai.co.ukLast Updated on 17/02/2007
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 Taekwondo classes for men, women and children over 5. Seperate tiger classes for 5 - 8 year olds. Classes in Bourne, Thurlby, Glinton, Werrington, Deeping and Hampton.
 http://www.annabelmurcott.co.ukLast Updated on 26/04/2006
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 Learn Systema, the Russian martial art developed by Spetsnaz Special Forces. No fancy forms or stances, pure self defence and fitness training. The only certified school in the area teaching this remarkable art.
 http://www.sctca.co.uk/Last Updated on 13/02/2002
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 Tang Soo Do is one of the oldest Martial Arts. Originating from Korea Tang Soo Do teaches important life values with enable students to become better members of the community, with confidence and peace of mind that they can protect themselves should the necessity arise. For Classes in Peterborough Call 07951 050095
 http://www.europeantangsoodo.comLast Updated on 04/07/2003
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 Evolution TKD on Park Road, Peterborough offer classes providing a range of activities, from fitness to discipline, sport sparring to self defence. Check out the site for more info.
 http://evolutiontkd.moonfruit.comLast Updated on 11/01/2005
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 Evolution TKD offer classes providing a range of activities, from fitness to discipline, sport sparring to self defence. Check out the site for more info. Classes held at Peterborough Martial Arts Academy, Unit 4, Wainman Road, Peterborough(Nr Big Sky)
 http://www.evolutiontkd.co.ukLast Updated on 03/04/2008
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 Adults Only. No family or sport orientation. Develop no nonsense, reality based skills of self-protection that are simple and effective for the individual in today’s possible anti-social occurrences!
 http://www.goshinjutsu.co.ukLast Updated on 26/09/2007
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 Fast, Effective, Decisive self defence in the Peterborough, South Lincolnshire area
 http://www.kempo-jujitsu.co.ukLast Updated on 25/04/2005
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 Our classes are designed for adults and children of all abilities and ages. All our professional run classes are non contact unless you desire.
 http://www.hickskarate.co.ukLast Updated on 22/11/2004
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 Information about local classes teaching students of all ages from 6 years upwards, ina a safe, controlled and friendly environment.
 http://www.jodankarate.co.ukLast Updated on 23/08/2006
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