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Win AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe

The Perfect Travel Partner for Europe


Win a copy of Microsoft AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe - in the shops at around 50 UKPs - by answering 3 simple questions about AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe and Peterborough's links with Europe!

AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe includes more than 400,000 destinations across 45 countries, from Ireland to the Urals, Norway to Spain and is great for traveling around Europe. The CD-ROM includes detailed maps and more than 4600 European Internet links with information on over 1700 golf courses, 5700 places of interest and 3600 campsites and ski resorts. All you need do is tell us:


  • The name of the European business conference and exhibition being held in Peterborough on the 24th and 25th of February
  • The name of the city in Spain that Peterborough has twinning links with
  • How many kilometres of navigable roads are included in AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe

(Check the links at the bottom for hints)

To use AutoRoute Express 2000 Europe you will need a Pentium class PC running Windows 95/ 98 or Windows NT Workstation, 32 MB RAM, 85 MB of hard disk space and a double speed or better CD-ROM.

To take part in the competition you must live or work in the Greater Peterborough area. Competition closes on the 20th of February (-123 days to go) when the winner will be drawn from the "hi-tech" hat. We will let you know by email if you win.

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