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Peterboroughs' future is so bright!

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The Year 2000

It's Here!


I'm sitting at midnight listening to a barrage the like I've never heard before. Peterborough certainly went wild with the fireworks. Over 15 minutes of constant noise, excellent! The phone lines were jammed for a while too.

Depending on who you think is right, it's here at last, the start of the new millennium or is it next year? We seemed to have survived the Y2K bug so far, but it's still a while before we can be sure.

What do we call this year. The zeros? Maybe 2K, which sounds kind of trendy? Whatever I hope you had a good celebration and that you didn't wake up with too much of a headache.

Have a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2000!


Lakeside/RNLI 24 Hour Race
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