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Fire Safety in the Workplace at Christmas

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Christmas trees and alcohol in the workplace unfortunately means the festive season poses a high risk for the outbreak of fire.

Extra safety precautions need to be put in place to guard specifically against this increased threat to companies, especially at a time when people may let their guard drop.

As a result, fire safety specialists at Newflame are on hand to help make offices, hotels and factories safer places at Christmas and New Year.

The responsibilities of Directors and employers are such that the risk assessment process is more onerous now than ever before. Increased legislation, as part of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, is now making further demands to ensure that the workplace is a safe place to be.

Burning Christmas Tree

Newflame Fire Equipment Limited of Peterborough has been assisting businesses locally and nationally to protect themselves from the menace of fire for over thirty years. In addition to helping save lives and premises from fire, Newflame thereby helps to protect services, livelihoods and businesses. At Christmas, Newflame’s fire safety engineers will pre-treat your Christmas tree with fire retardant, test your tree lights to British Standards and certify that these precautions have been undertaken. Fire escape plans, fire exits, smoke alarms and extinguishers should also be checked and tested, particularly in the event of larger numbers of people congregating for office parties.

Tests have shown that a small dry (noble) fir tree takes just 30 seconds to reach temperatures of 760 degrees Celsius, resulting in fire spreading rapidly through the premises. This risk will be significantly reduced if the tree is pre-treated, fire extinguishers have been regularly maintained and the fire escape plan is understood and can be readily actioned. At Christmas, people should also guard against the fire safety dangers posed by alcohol. Disturbingly, research undertaken by The National Safety Council indicates that alcohol was a pre-fire factor in almost 40% of fire deaths in the last two years.

Commenting, Newflame’s Fire Safety Advisor Rob Pocklington said, “ At Newflame, our 15- strong team of staff take fire safety seriously, throughout the year and especially at Christmas. Our role is to help make workplaces safer places and we have put together specific fire safety services to help combat the increased risks of the festive period.”

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