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30 January 2009

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Walters offers bespoke on-line procurement service

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Office supplies company Walters is offering customers a bespoke online ordering service.

Well established, web ordering systems already give customers the opportunity to remotely order everything from paperclips to new desks in a controlled environment. The products on offer and the prices are tailored towards individual customers.

Now, for large companies with very specific requirements, Walters offers the option of developing a truly bespoke web store.

And one customer is already reaping the rewards of the unique service.

“We recognised very early on the need to provide a comprehensive online ordering service to our customers,” said Mike Walters. “All of our products can be ordered online but we took the further step of enabling customers to have their own bespoke ordering site. The customer can then set all of the parameters and controls to most effectively manage their online procurement in conjunction with us.”

“We were asked by one national charity, which has a major presence in Peterborough and many offices around the country, if we could create a very specific web-store for use by staff in each location. We were very happy to do that and it has proved very popular.”

Walters manage the online ordering facility to ensure the website is maintained with up to date product information including availability and prices. Customers can direct precisely what is available to their users and fully manage the activities of their whole group.

For more information about Walters online ordering service tel: 0800 0185 777 or visit www.walters.co.uk

Walters, based in Royce Road, Peterborough, provides a single source of office supplies for organisations of all sizes.

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