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12:41 on Tuesday
26 October 2004

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Sony and HP among multinationals to fund research 

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Sony and Hewlett Packard are among multinational electrical companies to have funded groundbreaking research by the UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development into the collection and processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The research in Peterborough, assesses the amount and weight of waste electrically powered equipment disposed of in the city, including items such as televisions, computers, washing machines, CD players, and irons.

Findings of the research will help all electrical and electronic manufacturing companies work towards the implementation of the European Union's 2004 WEEE directive, which is designed to increase the levels of refurbishment and recycling of old electrical appliances, including IT equipment.

The research, which will be completed in March 2004, will include data from the UK's first local authority WEEE facility, to be opened in Peterborough early next year.

Leading the research is UK CEED's WEEE Project Manager Hugh Knowles.

He said: "We are delighted to have the opportunity to advance understanding in the UK of the implications of the WEEE Directive and work with major companies such as HP and Sony.

"The 2004 directive has major implications for producers in areas such as product design, supply chains, marketing strategies and brand protection. It also has implications for local authorities and waste collection companies in terms of designing new routes for collection and processing of the waste raw materials.

"The research we do will identify best practice options for collecting, processing, remanufacturing and recycling WEEE items. It will also analyse what data can be generated and at what cost.

The UK CEED research is being carried out in partnership with the European Recycling Platform, of which Sony and HP are members, and Peterborough City Council.

Peterborough's City Council leader Cllr Ben Franklin said: "More and more electrical goods are being brought across Peterborough and the UK, and many of these are being land-filled, and the number is increasing. Peterborough sees the solution to cope with electrical and electronic waste by recycling and re-use.

"The era of recycling and re-use is truly upon us and we see the WEEE directive as a positive step towards solving the electrical and electronic waste issue."

December 2003




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