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22:02 on Saturday
12 June 2010

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Brush up on the basics with Business Link

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Business Briefings from Business Link in the East of England (and partner organisations) could be right up your Cambridgeshire street - and best of all, they won’t break your recession-hit bank.

Business Link has harnessed the skills and expertise of organisations such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and HM Revenue & Customs UK to strengthen the delivery of their new timetable of must-attend events.

Today’s economy may have raised concerns for the region’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about Employing Staff and as a result, Written terms of employment, but support and advice on these sorts of issues (and many more) are now on your doorstep. Circumstances such as streamlining the workforce can only be made easier by further Developing management skills and honing Appraisal skills and what better place to do so than at a venue near you, with Business Link in the East of England.

With purse strings tightened over the past few months and an increased focus on Book-keeping and accounts, it is refreshing to know that the only cost to your business of attending these events is time. So, if you’re struggling to know How to pitch for finance for example, don’t pay out for training, or if you want to explore the PR potential of your product or service, PR for virgins is for you. Business Link has workshops on a whole host of skills, free of charge.

IT and e-commerce are the hub of many businesses. For pre-start and start-up businesses, Planning and developing a website may be the first step towards exploiting the technical opportunities of the modern business world. For established businesses the spotlight may be on Growing IT in your business and Getting the maximum benefit from your IT systems. Ensuring your IT is effective saves time, and time is money.

As Time management is of the essence in the increasingly fast-paced market place, let the World Wide Web work wonderful wisdom on your business. Have you considered How to attract customers using free/low cost internet marketing or How to turn you website into a customer magnet? Marketing your business, on and offline, has never been such an essential aspect in Making projects happen. Marketing materials, with a reliance on Copywriting – the art of persuasion, and strong Communication skills, coupled with polished Practical selling skills and Excellent customer service, will undoubtedly help in Dealing with difficult customers. And if it’s Influencing skills you’re lacking, Assert yourself – (learn) how to be seen, heard and influence decisions.

Developing and nurturing your business assets will strengthen your competitive advantage. Using the intellectual property system to protect and grow your business will ensure that the creativity and innovation that differentiate your business from its competitors remain yours, and yours alone. And as ‘people buy people’, look after your own - Motivating the team is likely to lead to Business resource efficiency: protecting your bottom line, and ultimately Increasing your sales in a challenging economy. For further streamlining of your business, consider Practical eco design: designing out waste and reducing your costs.

Staying abreast of changes in legislation is critical to the region’s SMEs. Do you know What’s new for businesses? Fire regulations – are you hot on the topic? Are you au fait with Health and safety for small businesses? For businesses in the region that are Planning for growth and analysing the potential for trading across the Channel, consideration should be given to legislation relating to Your business and Europe.

Reaching new markets, and certainly new customers, may be facilitated by Smart networking. Fully capitalising on new business opportunities may be dependent on your Presentation skills but will be achieved by knowing How to write a winning tender. And no challenge is too great. Tendering for public sector contracts is not out of reach even for SMEs but, before embarking on such a pitch, An introduction to public sector tendering will be invaluable.

MORE your business! Make MORE of your business opportunities with the new programme of events from Business Link.

Visit www.mybusinesslink.co.uk for further information on events, times and locations.

So, to ensure Personal effectiveness – work smarter not harder!

Any small business looking for help and advice can contact Business Link on 08457 17 16 15 or visit www.businesslink.gov.uk/east.

About Business Link in the East of England:

  • Business Link provides information, practical advice and support to help people to start, run or grow their businesses

  • Our clients fall in to two main categories:
    - Those running or working in established small and medium sized businesses
    - Those who want to start their own business

  • Both client groups can access independent, impartial and, in most instances, free help and support from Business Link in the form of:
    - Free one-to-one help from an experienced Business Adviser (established businesses) or Enterprise Awareness Manager (start-ups)
    - Workshops and briefings on a range of business subjects such as business planning, sales and marketing, legislation, developing people
    - Telephone and online support through our Regional Information and Intelligence centre

  • Business Link in the East of England works with businesses and entrepreneurs in the 6 counties in the East of England: Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

  • Business Link is a government initiative to promote enterprise, funded in the East of England by the East of England Development Agency  

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