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10:57 on Tuesday
26 October 2004

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Positively Peterborough website exceeds one million visits

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The Positively Peterborough website received a massive one million visits last year, boosting enquiries from business and families who are interested in relocating to the city.

Even more people are expected to visit the website in 2004, based on numbers recorded in the first few weeks of this year.

Positively Peterborough

“This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates the importance of the website in our promotional drive to attract more companies and families to support the area’s economic growth,” said Gloria Milne, chief executive of Greater Peterborough Investment Agency (GPIA).

A text-only version of the website, introduced last summer for the benefit of people with limited vision and/or hearing, received almost 1,900 unique visitors in its first six months, with almost 90 per cent returning within a week.

The Positively Peterborough campaign – managed by Peterborough-based consultancies Smye Holland Associates and T2 Studios – was extended to a wider audience with an innovative viral marketing technique during December and January.

The technique involved mailing promotional leaflets to 2,500 large companies in North London and the Home Counties inviting recipients to visit a specially registered website address www.thinkcarefully.com - to view a cartoon animation about the perils of business relocation.

Results reveal that 795 recipients (27.3 per cent) visited the ‘think carefully’ site, of whom over 70 per cent followed links to view more than two pages on the Positively Peterborough website to discover the business advantages that Peterborough offers.

Recipients were encouraged to send details of the ‘think carefully’ site to colleagues or other business associates, resulting in an additional 715 unique visitors.

“This was a fun initiative that worked particularly well over the Christmas period,” said James Lewis of T2 Studios.

The Positively Peterborough website was launched in July 2002 and registered around 200,000 visits in its first six months. It is currently receiving more than 20,000 unique visitors per month, with 31 per cent staying connected for between one minute and five minutes and 45 per cent returning to the site in less than 24 hours.

The promotional campaign is supported by national regeneration agency English Partnerships and GPIA. For more information visit www.positivelypeterborough.org

February 2004




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Positively Peterborough

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