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30 December 2002

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Schools adopt innovative system to improve communications with parents

A new initiative which will revolutionise the way schools communicate with parents is being adopted by leading schools in Cambridgeshire.

Parentmail is a unique system which has been developed by St Ives-based company PeopleWiz It aims specifically to overcome the problems schools face when communicating with parents and to reduce administration costs.

Schools traditionally communicate with parents by sending letters home with pupils but this often proves unreliable and can lead to tension between schools, parents and pupils. Producing letters can also be complex to organise and time consuming for schools to administer. Parentmail overcomes these problems by communicating directly with parents via e-mail, using one simple process.

The system is being provided free to schools and parents being funded by sponsorship. It has already been adopted by a number of schools in Cambridgeshire and will soon be available throughout the country.

Parentmail uses Internet technology and enables each school to build its own unique parent e-mail groups. These can be set up for particular years or for particular activities such as field trips or events. The school can then simply produce one e-mail which is sent directly to the relevant group of parents.

Paul Hughes, director of Parentmail, said: “Many schools are already using basic e-mail systems to communicate with parents because they realise that this medium offers them many benefits. Some schools are also asking parents to ‘opt in’ to traditional paper methods of communication to encourage electronic communication.

“Parentmail provides schools with a communication system that has been designed precisely to meet their requirements. It is a simple, intuitive system and it is possible to have a school up and running within a few hours. And because the system is being provided free of charge to schools there is no downside.

“We are working towards making Parentmail the standard communication system for schools throughout the country.”

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