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16:09 on Monday
18 November 2002

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No more profits down the drain!

Small businesses in the Peterborough area could each be wasting hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on water because they take little or no action to use it efficiently. Many forget that water has a dual charge - not only do you pay for the water you use coming in, but you also pay again as it goes out, as a sewerage charge. Any wasted water will therefore be doubly costly.

Despite this, many companies do not routinely monitor their water use, yet all organisations, from manufacturers to the smallest office, could be saving money on their bills simply through better management and awareness. In addition, wise management of water not only offers cost savings, but can also help demonstrate a wider commitment to minimising a company's impact on the environment. By using water more efficiently local businesses can help contribute to a better environment for all, including local wildlife and their habitats.

To help companies tackle this issue Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) is holding a free water efficiency workshop on Wednesday 17th October. The workshop, organised in conjunction with local firm Posford Haskoning, is part of a series of successful and well-attended environmental management workshops PECT has organised for local businesses.

Antony Gough, Co-ordinator of the PECT Business and Environment Scheme, will be on hand to talk to any businesses interested in learning more about PECT's unique management system that helps firms tackle water, energy and waste issues. He explained " Many businesses don't realise that water could be costing them over 1% of their turnover. There are a number of simple and inexpensive measures that businesses can employ to reduce water consumption and save up to 50% on their bills. This workshop will help companies focus on what's the best approach for them and stop sending profits down the drain"

Each attendee at the workshop will receive a delegate pack containing free literature and advice on minimising water use. Amongst the speakers will be Gareth Rondel, Water Efficiency Officer for Anglian Water, who will introduce a number of simple, low-cost initiatives to cut costs. Norman Scott from Anglia Circuits will be relating his company's approach to efficient water use and how membership of the PECT Business and Environment Scheme has helped reduce water bills and improve their environmental performance.

Any business interested in attending this free event should contact Antony on 01733 760882.

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