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NetSupport Manager Stress Management for IT Support

Working in the IT Department can be a stressful job. People are constantly shouting from all ends of the office complaining about their PC's, Clare's computer has crashed, John can't get his e-mail to work and then there is Peter having problems opening applications. Its a constant headache and in a fairly large sized company visiting each of the users PCs is extremely time consuming. So, wouldn't it be great to control all the company desktops from one PC saving time and money, well NetSupport Manager from Productive Computer Software (PCS) makes all that possible.

NetSupport Manager allows administrators, help desk representatives, tech support and telecommuters to remotely control a PC or group of PCs, thereby enabling real-time visual instruction, file retrieval or remote operation and management.

NetSupport Manager 5.0 is the latest version of the award winning PC remote control software and along with all it's main features of watch, share or control PC, Message, Chat, File Transfer and Distribution, Remote Communications, Show (displaying screens to other connected PC's), and more it now comes with several great new features including Voice Over IP (VoIP), Remote PC inventory and active X technology.

The new PC integration feature allows the control PC to perform a quick hardware and software inventory of the remote PC and is an especially useful tool in the help desk and tech support markets. At the click of a mouse, information can be gathered and retrieved from the remote PC to aid the controller in supporting the user. The new version also features integrated file distribution, enabling centralised remote installation of most software applications.

Another significant new feature in this release is the availability of the NetSupport Manager Control as an Active-X Application. This function provides portable remote control from any location by automatically pulling NetSupport Manager functionality across the Internet and utilising Active X-technology on a supported web browser. Example implementations include "anywhere access" for support staff and customer access to demo applications over the web.

NetSupport Users will no longer work in silence either, the new VoIP full audio capability, in conjunction with a standard sound card, now allows either two-way conversations between the control PC and the client PC or broadcast Audio to multiple users. This feature enables a tech support representative or an instructor to literally speak to the individual at the remote PC while a remote control session is taking place.

Other new features include:

  • Enhanced Security - DES Encryption makes it virtually impossible for anyone to intercept a file transfer or remote session.

  • Additional Scripting - Now includes additional scripting functions, drag and drop programming, and command line entry for automating administrative tasks.

  • Enhanced Performance - Faster remote control sessions through optimised screen handling

  • Remote Clipboard - Cut and Paste between applications on the control and client

NetSupport Manager has thousands of installations world-wide with literally millions of clients installed. Here's what one of our customers had to say:

"As we have a considerable number of remote end users we need a product that we can rely on and enable us to provide a high level of support. Although there are many products available, (several of which we have used in the past), we have been particularly impressed with the reliability and ease of use, that NetSupport offers. It is refreshing to find an application that not only meets our requirements but also exceeds them." - Jeff Allan - Austin Reed PLC.

So with exciting new features and real time response rates NetSupport Manager, PC remote control software has got to be the ultimate headache cure for all desktop support staff.

Throughout this release, other software and hardware products are mentioned by name. In most, if not all cases, the companies that manufacture the respective products claim these product names as trademarks. It is not our intention to claim these names or trademarks. It is not our intention to claim these names or trademarks as our own.

January 2000




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