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Opportunity Links appoint co-ordinator for Peterborough


Opportunity Links, the voluntary organisation that provides an information service for the county, covering childcare, benefit and training information and job opportunities through a website and freephone number, have appointed Samantha Parrott as their North County and Peterborough Development Co-ordinator.

Samantha will be promoting the site in Peterborough and is able to go to community organisations to show people the site and how it can help them. Also, she will be encouraging employers to sign up to the Opportunity Links employer membership scheme and adopt family friendly polices, (currently being pushed by the government). Current members in Peterborough include the City Council, The Employment Service and the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society.

The website can be viewed from any public internet access point. There is two kiosks situated in the central library and Safeway's supermarket which the public can use or people can call the freephone helpline (0800 29 89 121) if they want information on childcare, job opportunities, or benefit and training information. For more information, please contact Samantha Parrott on 01223 508401 or 01733 461285.

A kiosk will also be available on the 19th January in Queensgate with the New Deal for lone parent's event. There will be face painting and a clown and lots of fun things happening.

January 2000

For further information contact:

Samantha Parrott
Tel: 01733 461285
Email: [email protected]

Opportunity Links Website

Freephone 0800 29 89 121


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