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Peterborough UK
23:36 on Friday
1 March 2002

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Power industry pioneers plug market gap

Bright sparks One Electrical have launched a service to bypass middle men and their mark-up – and put thousands of pounds in the pockets of hard-working electricians.

The London-based firm short-circuits traditional wholesalers in the electrical components industry by selling direct to the trade over the phone, by fax or on the web.

One Electrical’s simple but cost-effective business model means their prices can be slashed by up to 50% of the amount charged by their competitors in a market worth £500 million a year in the UK.

Electricians wiring a typical three-bedroom house can save up to 50% of the price if they buy the One Electrical package.

Electricians are saving on time too because the ordering and delivery service beats lengthy trips to the wholesalers. One Electrical delivers the gear direct to customers at home, at their yard or on site within 24 hours.

Managing director Mark Fairweather said: “Electricians work hard and deserve all the help they can get to make their living.

“We’re giving them a helping hand by cutting the costs of the products they install – meaning there’s more profit for them from each job they do.

“We manufacture a wide range of products for homes and see our main market as self-employed one-man bands and small contractors.”

Mark is one of the trio of electrical industry stalwarts who decided it was time to give the market place a shake-up and offer electrical contractors extra choice by setting up their new firm.

Mark Fairweather said: “We’ve got 60 years combined experience in the industry and we believe we can offer electricians a more customer-focused service and top quality products at the lowest prices in the market by far.

“We’ve done a massive amount of market research and we know the concept is a winner – both for us and our customers.”

One Electrical ensures manufacture cuts costs and all its products meet British safety and quality standards.

Mark added: “This market is very traditional and has been nowhere near competitive enough.

“We’re in a new millennium and it’s time electricians benefited from advances in service that are now common place in mainstream retail and many other markets.”

One Electrical was set up by Mark Fairweather, David Hargreaves and John Veale after extensive market research showed there was a big gap in the market for their innovative business plan.

Electricians are offered 45-day credit facilities, subject to the usual checks, to make their cash flow easier to manage.

June 2001




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