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Peterborough UK
08:49 on Wednesday
7 March 2001

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Warm Hearted Society Aids Charity

A charity supporting local people with circulatory and immune system disorders has received a welcome helping hand - from Norwich and Peterborough Building Society.

Helen Bobrowicz, Receptionist at N & P's Head Office at Lynch Wood, Peterborough belongs to the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association, a charity that provides support and guidance to sufferers with these conditions. The Association produces a newsletter every quarter and when they appealed for donations to keep the newsletter running, Helen asked her bosses at N&P for help.

Raynaud's disease is a circulatory condition that usually affects the hands and feet. Attacks are normally prompted by exposure to the cold and cause these body parts to turn white, then blue or purple and eventually bright red. There is often a feeling of numbness or burning in the toes and fingers. Scleroderma is a disease of the immune system and causes swelling of connective tissue in the hands or feet, making skin tight and shiny.

Both conditions can have serious consequences. Scleroderma can also affect internal organs, causing them to be scarred, and the loss of blood flow caused by Raynaud's disease can lead to gangrene and, in extreme cases, to amputation.

Helen said: "As a sufferer of Raynaud's disease myself, I know how important the newsletter is. It provides advice and information and also makes sufferers realise that they are not alone. We are all very grateful to N&P for their donation and hope to see the newsletter running for years to come!"

For more information on Raynaud's disease or Scleroderma, please contact Anne Maudsley at the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association on 01270 872776.

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