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5 September 2004

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New survey says consumers like to receive direct mail

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The latest survey from the Direct Mail Information Service (DMIS) shows that consumers like to receive special offers from companies through the post – reaffirming the views of Peterborough-based Mailtech UK Limited.

Andrew Whittaker - Mailtech

The report found that 57 per cent of consumers are happy to receive direct mail offers and almost 60 per cent have recently responded to a direct mail letter.

“The survey proves what we have always believed - that consumers do feel that direct mail provides them with a valuable service,” commented Andrew Whittaker, director of direct marketing bureau Mailtech. “Direct mail is able to bring to consumers’ attention products and services that may provide them with improvements or cost savings - things which they might otherwise have missed.”

The survey also shows that nearly 70 per cent of letters received by consumers are opened, 43 per cent are then read and 25 per cent of consumers go on to purchase as a result of receiving the direct mail. Women now receive more mailings than men and the most heavily mailed age group are those between 55 and 64.

Credit card and insurance companies and banks are among the highest users of direct mail and 80 per cent of consumers that purchase from a campaign are satisfied with the goods and service they receive.

Andrew continued, “The success of a direct mail campaign is often down to the accuracy of targeting and relevance of message. However companies do make mistakes with data correctness and in dealing effectively with responses to direct mail, which can frustrate customers.

“This is where a professional direct marketing bureau can help to improve the results of direct mail campaigns.”

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