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Peterborough UK
23:34 on Friday
1 March 2002

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3G Mobiles, Broadband & Home Video will increase Net traffic tenfold

New third generation (3G) mobile telephones and the growing availability of broadband connectivity - which will bring with it new Internet-based services such as video on demand - could lead to a ten-fold increase in traffic at Europe's largest Internet exchange point within two years.

Management and engineering staff at the London Internet Exchange (LINX) have drawn up a 'technology roadmap' to ensure that the exchange continues to have the capacity necessary to handle the growth in traffic. The plan is to be updated every three months to take account of actual and predicted traffic growth.

LINX chief executive John Souter said: "We have taken a realistic look at the future development of the Internet in the UK and, on the basis of those figures, are planning for a ten-fold increase in traffic in 24 months.

"Our peak traffic flows now are three times what they were at this time last year. The continuing roll-out of broadband, increasing business use of the Internet and the development of new Internet-based consumer services such as video on demand will see more and more demand for bandwidth at the exchange. We see no reason to believe the rate of growth will drop, even given predictions of a slow-down in economic activity."

As well as looking at expanding the use of existing technology to handle growing demand, the roadmap has plans for the deployment of new technologies - such as 10 gigabit Ethernet and IPv6 - and the introduction of new services at the exchange such as 'private peering' to give direct connections between the networks of participating ISPs.

LINX - a mutual ownership organisation of 120-plus Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery service providers (CDSPs) - has already announced an investment of 2 million over the next twelve months in new and improved infrastructure.

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