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Peterborough UK
08:42 on Wednesday
7 March 2001

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Internet traffic starts 2001 at new record level

Internet traffic passing through the facilities of The London Internet Exchange (LINX) - which handles more than 90 per cent of the UKs Internet data flow - last week burst though the level of 5 gigabits per second. That equates to 300,000 average e-mail messages per second.

This is more than three times the level at which it started 2000. Traffic passed the 3 Gbit/second level in June 2000 and 4 Gbit/second in October.

Mike Hughes, head of network architecture at LINX, said: A good rule of thumb through the late 1990s was that traffic doubled every 100 days. We have seen a slight slowing down in growth over the past twelve months by that standard - but we are still adding 1Gbit/second every three months or so.

"We are anticipating this growth trend to continue, as the Internet continues to play an increasing part in more and more lives daily. The growth of unmetered and broadband Internet access is encouraging home use, while at work more mature and established companies are adding e-commerce and Internet-based applications to their existing operations."

LINX is currently seeking to recruit additional network engineering staff to develop and manage the infrastructure needed to handle the growing volume of traffic.

Bart Tillmans, marketing director EMEA of Internet hardware manufacturer Extreme Networks commented: "This record level rate of traffic is a significant indicator of existing business needs. Extreme Networks has been an integral part of the LINX infrastructure since the launch of our Summit48 in June 1999. The foundation of our Summit platform, based on one architecture and unmatched simplicity, scalabilty and control characteristics, has been a great benefit to LINX in supporting this unmatched growth scenario."

"Additionally, with the recent seamless upgrade of the LINX infrastructure with Extreme Networks Summit Inferno functionality, future increase in the exchange capacity has been secured.

January 2001




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