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11:12 on Tuesday
3 April 2007

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 Two Peterborough women have set up a new company that promises to bring your lawn back to life and put the heart back into your garden.

Local entrepreneurs Jules Morgan and Jo Burgess have set up Lawn3 TLC, a lawn treatment company that specialises in the organic despatching of weeds and a feeding programme designed to strengthen your lawn season to season.

Lawn3 TLC visits domestic lawns four times a year to apply a professional weed and moss kill and a seasonally specific lawn fertiliser from just £14.95 per 100m2.

Most lawns cost between £15 and £20 to treat. Lawn3 TLC also offers an additional re-seeding, scarification and hollow tine aeration service which addresses many of the root causes of lawn problems.

Jo Burgess and Jules Morgan - Lawn3 TLC

Lawn3 TLC owner, Jo Burgess says: “Now it’s summer, people want to spend as much time in the garden as possible, playing football with the kids, barbecuing, or just relaxing in the sunshine. But if you step out into your garden and find you have a blanket of weeds and moss instead of a carpet of green luscious lawn, it’s enough to send you back indoors! What’s more, the drought conditions we’re experiencing are putting lawns under threat from scorching.

“The Lawn3 programme hugely improves your lawn’s roots so they are able to access water more easily which will improve your lawn’s resilience to drought. The fertilizer we use is slow release and doesn’t need to be watered in, which in conditions like this is a huge benefit.

“It’s a pure fertilizer blended according to the conditions each season brings, for example the fertilizer we put down at this time of year has a high nitrogen content for good upper growth and phosphorus to strengthen the lawn’s roots. The best part about it is that it’s far more cost and time effective than doing it yourself.

“Many people aren’t sure how to look after their lawns and will try using a multi-purpose weed and feed product. If not used properly these products can often do more harm than good and can burn a lawn. The products we use are organic so they don’t harm the environment and are safe for children and pets.

“What we enjoy most is seeing the look of delight on our customers’ faces when they see how effective the treatment is and how little they have to spend to achieve a lawn that is their pride and joy, concludes Jo. “We give a free, no obligation quote and there’s no contract to sign, you just pay as you go.”

Peterborough Lawn3 TLC customers Keith and Chris Pearson said: “We’ve always wanted to have a green lawn free from weeds and never known quite how to achieve it. Like many others we have bought the branded treatments, applied them, stepped back and a couple of weeks later either looked at the burn marks on the lawn where the applicator didn’t stop when it should have done or asked why the weeds are still there. We’re happy to hand this over to professionals and not have to worry. We are absolutely delighted that even in these challenging months of near drought conditions, our lawns are looking good. What impresses us most is that the hassle is taken out of this important area of garden maintenance and it’s done in partnership with two professionals who are passionate about what they do. We are extremely happy and have no hesitation in recommending this service to others.”

Jo and Jules’ advice to people who love their lawns is to get the experts in. For less than it will cost you in time and money to buy a domestic product. Lawn3 will manage the year round programme for you, without you needing to spend any time or effort.

For more information about how Lawn3 can save your lawn from the drought contact Jules or Jo at Lawn 3 on free phone 0800 877 8512, listen to a free consumer awareness message on 0800 877 8511 or go to www.lawn3.co.uk

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