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Peterborough UK
08:42 on Wednesday
7 March 2001

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Is a virtual office a virtue?

Do any of these descriptions fit you in any way?

You run a small business and have no premises, running it from home, your car and your telephone?
You run a small to medium-sized business with premises. However your premises are wholly concerned with what you sell, so you meet clients at their premises or in a pub/hotel/restaurant.

You run a small to medium-sized business and have to handle all administrative tasks yourself. When you are doing well, it takes your time away from these tasks and away from the opportunity to continue to create further business.

Have you ever had the need for:

  • Someone to answer the telephone with your Company’s name and take messages when you’re not available.

  • Somewhere to store your files and stationery.

  • A boardroom or meeting room.

  • A seminar room.

  • A place to make a business presentation.

Then ksa.virtual in Priestgate may well be the answer you're looking for, aiming to provide all of the above and more in a professional manner to Peterborough businesses. This unusual company started providing just these sorts of services in London and obviously met with success there, because they have opened their second facility here in Peterborough. Here are the options that ksa.virtual offers.

The Virtual Office Option:
For this ksa.virtual provides an address, your own telephone number, secretarial and administrative support and, in fact, everything you would expect from office support, but without the necessity of actually having an office. Should you need to hold a meeting, the basic package includes this facility at either the London or Peterborough office for one hour in every 4-week period.

The Serviced Office Option:
In addition to this, a serviced office is available at the Priestgate premises which combines all of the Virtual Office Option facilities, plus office space in the building. This can be rented for just one week or for as long as you like.

The facilities are impressive, offering solutions to several of the many problems that are experienced by small and medium-sized, fast growing businesses. The idea is that a smooth and professional gloss is provided without the drama and the crippling expenses involved in setting up and staffing an office of your own.

If this is something that would interest you, for background information and prices, visit the website www.cityofficenow.com or telephone Zena on 01733 865015, who will provide you with a guided tour of the facilities and explain the details.

October 2000




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Zena Bowtle
Tel: 01733 865015


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