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09:16 on Saturday
17 August 2002

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Peterborough company paving the way for Dot Com Recruitment

Since the birth of E-Commerce the vision of recruitment services are beginning to change and we're making it even easier for Employers and Employees to contact each other direct instead of going through agents.

A recent article written by John Robinson in People Management magazine stated that "Internet Recruitment web sites need to improve the service provided to both Employers and Employees".

Robert Payne the M.D. of JustCVs.com said: "Understanding the needs within the recruitment industry we appreciated what John Robinson was saying regarding Job Boards and Skills selection.

"After a number of years researching employers and employees needs, we realised there was a gap in the market to provide a unique recruitment alternative."

After much deliberation a solution was found that would directly benefit Employers and Employees www.JustCVs.com was born. Launched 6 weeks ago - JustCVs.com, the county's most innovative recruitment site has just been nominated for the E-Commerce awards for its innovation and and service.

The internet provides a major service to recruitment agencies to gain access to available candidates, however the costs involved vary and the employer still has to maintain contact with the agent.

Mr Payne continued: "It became increasingly apparent that the employer was still being charged fees, being sent inadequately skilled candidates, interviewing unsuitable candidates, wasting time, money and effort and still no guarantee that the employee was going to stay after paying a potentially large placement fee."

JustCVs.com not only puts the Employer and Employees in touch with each other, the matching facility has been designed to provide a 90% match before the interview takes place matching Employers and Employees specific requirements.

The Matching process matches against 12 parameters up to 80 skills and in 28 sectors in the UK at present.

When a candidate registers with a recruitment agency and forwarded to a potential employer invariably candidates are provided minimal information about the company as many recruitment agencies are worried about competition, www.JustCVs.com allows the Employee direct contact with the potential Employer.

No costs for employees, an online service for employees and minimal costs to employers (admin costs) saving thousands of pounds, wasted time and effort.

Recruitment has to move with today's ever changing environment, online recruitment is here to stay and www.JustCVs.com believe that we have found a solution for the future of recruitment.

May 2001




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