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13 June 2010

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The expertise of around 70 HR managers from Greater Peterborough was called upon during a seminar illustrating new disciplinary and grievance legislation.

The delegates used their combined experience to direct actors demonstrating the use of the new ACAS Code of Practice.

(L-R): Anne Corder from Anne Corder Recruitment, Martin Bloom from Hegarty LLP Solicitors, James Larter from RoleplayUK and Tim Thompson from Hegarty LLP

The improvisation was accompanied by presentations given by employment law experts from Hegarty LLP Solicitors Martin Bloom and Tim Thompson.

The Employment Law Half Day Briefing, hosted by Anne Corder Recruitment and Hegarty LLP Solicitors in conjunction with Roleplay UK, is an additional date in Peterborough’s business calendar and was prompted by the introduction of a raft of new legislation covering disciplinary and grievance procedures.

“It is vital everyone involved in employment law and HR keeps abreast of new changes,” said Anne Corder. “We recognised the need for an extra seminar this year because of the volume of new legislation coming into force.

“The format – a departure for us - enabled everyone to be involved and challenged us all to think about our approach when dealing with difficult situations. It was a very different way to present topical information and one which worked very effectively.”

Partner in Hegarty LLP Solicitors Martin Bloom said: “The seminar underlined to local businesses the importance of complying with the new procedures after April 6. Involving Roleplay UK was a useful way of demonstrating actual scenarios rather than simply referring to sets of statutory regulations.”

The actors played out the case of a fictional accountant caught apparently rifling through colleagues’ jacket pockets – and how his line manager dealt with the subsequent disciplinary issues.

The Employment Law Half Day Briefing was staged at the National Centre for Deafblindness, in Hampton, Peterborough.

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