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Peterborough UK
08:48 on Wednesday
7 March 2001

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Reiki Master, Jan Taylor, has been running various workshops including Self Healing, Self Awareness, Meditation, Crystal Healing and Reiki attunements, for a number of years. Jan is a firm believer in Self Healing, which as she explains enables to soul to feel free, balanced, fulfilled and safe to explore new experiences. It is the gentle art of allowing the mind to identify emotional issues and healing them with love and inner truth.

Jan is sought by those who need and feel drawn to finding a spiritual understanding and a safe way to heal themselves. Her integrity and high level of responsibility allows people to feel safe to explore their new perceptions and find the way to THEIR truth.

Living by what she says Jan explains that she is not there to indoctrinate people into a way of thinking or living, but to encourage all to trust their intuition and as she often says 'Stand In Your Own Truth' to live our lives with Love and Respect for ourselves, which is the cornerstone of Self Healing.

Jan now runs www.healing-holidays.com which includes destinations in Britain as well as overseas. Jan explained: "I have been drawn to certain destinations that have a freeing quality that will enable people to leave the traumas of life behind and to explore a deep understanding of themselves through self healing talks, meditation-walks within a small group. I will be there to facilitate your evolvement to a higher spiritual awareness, and to create the mind space for this growth."

For those that are already familiar with Jan's workshops, they know only too well how life changing and rewarding this experience is. Through healing holidays Jan will be able to provide more and more people the opportunity to come to this understanding 'In Truth and Love'

You can visit her website for details on all upcoming workshops and tours on:

September 2000




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Jan Taylor


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