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16:04 on Friday
23 November 2001

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New Marketing Group for Greater Peterborough

A number of marketers from many of the area's leading companies have got together to form a Group which, they hope, will develop into an active and lively forum for anyone involved in (or with an interest in) marketing in the Greater Peterborough area.

The Group, formed with the backing of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is preparing a calendar of events for the forthcoming winter - the first of which is a Marketing Masterclass on October 3rd. For this event, the Group have pulled off something of a coup, by inviting one of the UK's leading marketing experts, Dr Paul Fifield, to lead the Masterclass. 

For more details of this event and how to book your place…click here

All the meetings will be open to everyone with an interest in marketing, not just CIM members and will give marketers in the Greater Peterborough area the opportunity to meet up on a regular basis. The Group has also established a web forum to enable its members to communicate with each other and exchange ideas and information between themselves and already over 60 marketers have joined this forum - and they represent marketers, not just from Peterborough itself, but Boston, King's Lynn, Huntingdon, Oundle, Stamford and all points in between!

Any marketer in the Greater Peterborough area who would like more details about the Group should contact Bob Hogg of Pointer Marketing, one of the founding members of the Group. 

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Bob Hogg
Pointer Marketing
[email protected]
Tel: 01778 561484

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