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Peterborough UK
08:43 on Wednesday
7 March 2001

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Overseas markets via the Internet

Searching the Internet for the right information on overseas markets can often feel like driving round a large foreign city without a map or road signs, and it can take up valuable time that should be spent on other activities.

To address this issue, the Greater Peterborough Chamber's International Trade Network is holding a seminar for export sales and marketing personnel, who already have some experience of using the World Wide Web, to sharpen their Internet search skills.

The Internet is an excellent source of up-to-date information on overseas trade issues, from world wide market data, trading partners, and agents, to demographic statistics, market research reports and sources of supply. The time it takes to find such information on the Internet is directly related to search technique and familiarity with the Web.

The seminar will include presentations from market research experts from the British Chambers of Commerce International, and British Trade International's Export Market Information Centre. Delegates will participate in live, on-line searching of the Internet, using pre-prepared exercises to support the learning process, at a bank of PCs connected to the Web. The benefits of the Export Marketing Research scheme and the information available through EMIC, the export library in London, will also be explained.

The key outcomes for delegates attending the seminar will be ownership of a route map around key export related sites, improved search technique and accelerated information gathering, and increased awareness of the resources available for research from British Trade International.

The workshop takes place at Stuart House on the 20 April 2000 and is sponsored by Lloyds TSB, NCM and Government Office Eastern Region. 

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