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Peterborough UK
05:28 on Tuesday
5 December 2000

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New media company looks to help the city's businesses

New Media entrepreneurs, Global Intermedia Ltd are launching an initiative to help local businesses come to terms with the e-revolution, highlighting the obvious advantages that the Internet has to offer small to medium sized business owners as a tool for Marketing and Commerce.

Matthew Hagger, marketing Director for the company commented: "Our research has found that there are many reasons preventing the small business, coming to terms with the internet, there seems to be an attitude among the more established small business, that the web is simply a fad and it will go away. Fortunately, that is not the case. 

"The internet is greatest tool for communication known to man and it is vital that everyone is made aware of its importance, before they increasingly become left behind in their chosen field".

In recognition of this problem Global Intermedia are offering advice for local businesses looking to exploit the advantages of the internet and are currently offering free consultation, and design of a web site, providing the site is hosted on the Global Intermedia server, charged at the standard rate for UK hosting.

If you require any advice about getting started for your organisation the Global Intermedia development team can assist you with any problems you have.

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Global Intermedia
Tel : 01733 767695 
Fax: 01733 701030


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