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18:24 on Tuesday
24 February 2004

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A new dimension to the home shopping experience

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Created by entrepreneur Richard Crisp, Peterborough based - Everyday Essentials - is a family run business that is set to challenge the traditional home shopping industry. 

Richard and his team started work last October with a pre-launch phase to design, implement and test the business model before launching just a month ago, on 1 March 2003.

Since then Everyday Essentials has already increased its investment in the warehouse and office infrastructure needed to support the new business. "We knew that we had a winning proposition", explains Richard. "And had put plans in place to double our warehouse capacity later this year, we're just amazed and excited that we've had to increase our capacity after just a month. It's a demonstration of the confidence our customer's have in us."

Social change in the way we live and work is influencing everything we do, from our working patterns, to leisure activities to the way we now shop. Busy lifestyles have changed our attitudes and behaviour towards ways of shopping and while, according to a survey by the Future Foundation, over 50% of people still enjoy the experience of going to a retail outlet, many others are looking for easier and more convenient methods of choosing goods and are choosing to buy more items from the comfort of their armchair.

"The main barrier to home shopping, whether on the Internet, TV or from major catalogues, is the inconvenience of the delivery options offered by most companies", explains Richard. "We don't have that problem with our nationwide team of Independent Distributors. Everyday Essentials Distributors give us the local presence and knowledge - they deliver the goods exactly when the customer wants them."

Currently the Everyday Essentials catalogue offers over 600 product lines, more than a quarter of which are manufactured in the UK. One of the key aims of the company is to source as many home produced products as possible. "Often UK manufacturers get overlooked", says Richard. "There is an amazing range of products out there that our customers want to buy - from Ewbank carpet sweepers that have been manufactured in Lancashire since 1889 to beekeeper Adrian Perkins who produces the most wonderful beeswax furniture polish."

It's the range and breadth of products from kitchenware to personal care that interest distributors and agents who see the potential business opportunities. "This business isn't about delivering catalogues full of buckets and mops", says Brian and Jenny Wood of Sleaford, one of Everyday Essentials team of National Distributors. "It's about the opportunity, with the support, encouragement and training from Everyday Essentials head office, to build a business for myself that can deliver almost anything that any customer wants, when they want it and in the way that they want it delivered. That's the really exciting and challenging part."

Training is a key activity for all Everyday Essentials Distributors. With over fifty years experience of the home shopping industry in the family team, each member is keen to share his or her experience, from mum Jean's sales expertise to sister Helen's small business set up and accounting knowledge. Richard himself has intimate knowledge of the product range and how a successful distribution business can be built. "At the end of the day, it's important that you understand what your business is all about. This is the expertise - the tips, techniques and the short cuts - that I can pass on to our distributions.

Richard sums up the potential of Everyday Essentials saying, "It's such an exciting opportunity with huge prospects whether people are looking for part-time work, an extra income or the challenge of building up a multi-million pound business - if I wasn't running Everyday Essentials then I would certainly be working for it."

To know more about the business opportunities available with Everyday Essentials, then please call Richard on Freephone 0800 594 5579, for an invitation to the April open evening.

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Everyday Essentials

Tel: 0800 594 5579

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