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17 November 2002

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Cambridgeshire bosses say red tape is strangling businesses 

Company directors in Cambridgeshire have backed the conclusions of a national survey which shows that red tape has become a serious obstacle to economic growth.

The survey showed that 93 per cent of directors feel that the burden of red tape has increased in the pat five years - and 75 per cent thought that it had got 'much heavier'.

Stephanie Smye, chairman of the Institute of Directors which represents more than 1,000 business leaders in Cambridgeshire, said: "The survey reflects the common experience of business people in this area - red tape is having a damaging effect on business growth and international competitiveness.

"Admittedly, the government has taken steps to control the growth in regulation, including regulatory impact assessments which ensure that ministers are made aware of any burdens which they are imposing. In addition, the government's regulatory reform action plan lists 260 ways in which burdens might be reduced. However, there is clearly a considerable way to go.

"Survey after survey shows the seriousness of the problem. British business does a brilliant job but the government must let it get on with its work and stop distracting it with unnecessary regulations."

March 2002




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