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20:23 on Monday
30 December 2002

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Be prepared for change, IoD head tells members

In a New Year message to members of the Institute of Directors (IoD) in Cambridgeshire, IoD Eastern Branch chairman Stephanie Smye predicts that the pace of change in the business world will keep growing.

“Predicting the business environment, even in the short-term, is extremely difficult,” said Miss Smye. "The combination of economic forces, market movement, political initiatives and technological advances are like the forces which drive the weather - each may be understandable but their combined effect is unpredictable.

"Even when trends are easily identified, they can be disrupted by individual events. Something as innocuous as a discarded piece of infected meat may have triggered the foot and mouth epidemic, with its devastating effect on agriculture and tourism and its impact on businesses such as road haulage. Yet this paled into insignificance beside the appalling events of September 11, with the consequences for the global economy and industries such as air travel and global tourism.

“Hopefully events in 2002 will not prove so dramatic. However, the year will undoubtedly hold many twists and turns, particularly in the light of the current situation in the Middle East and the US’s apparent determination to take further action against states fostering terrorism.

“One thing is certain: the pace of change in the business environment will not let up. As well as the threats and the challenges this presents, it also means opportunity.

“There are businesses being formed today and long-established businesses being transformed, which will be collecting the accolades - and forming the case studies - of tomorrow.

“They have a number of things in common - an alertness to trends and opportunities, the ability to read changes in the market and the ability to move quickly and surely in introducing change. There can be little doubt that only the fleet of foot with business agility will survive.”

December 2001




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