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23:33 on Sunday
16 October 2005

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Drain Doctor keeps companies on the right side of the law

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Peterborough-based Drain Doctor Plumbing is offering a site planning service which will help local industrial companies comply with the requirements of new environmental legislation which comes into effect on 1 July.

The Waste Management Licensing (England and Wales) (Amendment and Related Provisions) Regulations mean that many companies require a good quality plan of their site drainage system.

The plan should show such things as the layout of sewers and drains (with surface water and foul drainage separately identified), the location of drain covers, discharge points for effluent and surface water, etc.

Drain Doctor

The plans are intended to help prevent and mitigate environmental damage due to accidents such as spillages and fires.

Drain Doctor Plumbing, which has its national headquarters on Newark Road, can produce computer-generated plans based on surveys of the pipework actually existing on a site, checking the size, location and condition of drains with the use of CCTV cameras within the pipes.

Freddie Mitman of Drain Doctor said: "The majority of commercial and industrial sites have the potential to cause significant environmental harm and threaten both water resources and public health. However, no matter how well an organisation plans against the risk of an incident that could cause serious environmental problems there is still the possibility of an accident occurring.

"We have been producing plans for our own use for several years, so that we have a clear understanding of drainage on our customers' sites and can assist with on-going maintenance and repair work.

"Now we are able to offer the preparation of such plans as a stand-alone service to help companies comply with the law.

"Combined with the first class 24-hour drainage and plumbing services we provide, businesses can rely on Drain Doctor Plumbing to provide a complete and thorough service."

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