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Peterborough UK
15:16 on Friday
1 March 2002

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Civic Trust to unveil plans for urban design

The Civic Trust will unveil their plans for Peterborough's city centre urban design at the City Centre Forum's AGM on 27th June 2001. Held at the new Gallery on Broadway, Peterborough, the AGM is expected to draw over 100 business guests to hear a presentation by key not speaker Liz Wrigley, Principal Consultant from the Civic Trust to deliver their findings. These are plans for the city centre which people use for shopping, working, going out in the evenings and form the heart of Peterborough.

The Forum - which co-ordinates the interest of the City Council, local businesses and other organisations - aims to attract more visitors to Peterborough city centre by improving the range of leisure and shopping activities that are available.

Peterborough's city centre was laid out 17 years ago as part of the expansion of the city under the development corporation. Now the forum feels that the time is right to re-examine the way the city centre is used and how we might improve what we have. The Forum wants to bring the city centre up to date.

The Forum funded a professional study by the Civic Trust, as they are top-flight national experts in the area of high quality urban design. The Civic Trust examined the balance between day time and evening uses of streets, the way in which trees and green areas softened the city centre and also looked at ways the city might be improved in the future.

They were tasked to:

  • Undertake an audit of Peterborough's existing townscape

  • Produce a concept for the city centre

  • Identify ways changes can be paid for

  • Consultation with key local people

Liz Wrigley of the Civic Trust said: "Peterborough has an attractive city centre that offers an interesting mix of busy and still spaces, with warm local stone used in many of these buildings. It also has an interesting mix of areas where there is ultra modern glass and brick. However, you can see that the city centre's design has drifted in terms of its style since it was last laid out. The Civic Trust has made a number of suggestions how this might be remedied in the future to make the city centre more accessible and even more fun to use. Peterborough has a unique blend of old and new and this needs to be exploited to draw out the best of its character."

Sue Bolter the City Centre Manager said: "I am very pleased with the Civic Trust's report. They have examined all aspects of the city centre's design. They have talked extensively to people in city centre based businesses, the City Council and voluntary organisations. They cannot offer us a "quick-fix". The next challenge for the Forum is now using this information for people to collectively agree some priorities for future action. Then the city can approach funding bodies to raise investment to start to work towards bringing the Civic Trust findings to fruition."

June 2001




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Sue Bolter
City Centre Manager
26 Priestgate
Tel: 01733 865075

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