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18 September 2008

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Peterborough Chamber of Commerce has been rebranded ‘the ultimate business network’ after local businesses said they needed real opportunities to increase and grow their business through additional sales and profitability.

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

John Bridge OBE, Chief Executive of Peterborough Chamber of Commerce and its parent organisation the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, said: “Over the past twelve months Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and its five local Chambers have become the ultimate business network, enabling our members to forge more links with companies across the county than any other membership-based business organisation in the region.

“Across the county the Chamber holds over 100 events each year which link businesses of all sectors and sizes with other companies with whom real business relationships are formed, and we feel it is important that our brand image accurately represents this.”

Alongside these events Chamber members also benefit from a Gold Services package, launched in September 2006, which offers significant discounts to members on a selection of products and services provided by other Chamber members. Available from day one of Chamber membership, the package substantially cuts business costs such as telephone calls, outsourced marketing services, business banking and employee benefit schemes.

John continues: “The developments which the Peterborough Chamber has undertaken over the past twelve months have enabled us to become the ultimate business network - the one organisation in Cambridgeshire and perhaps even the region that offers networking, cost-saving benefits and promotional opportunities to companies of all sizes and from a wide variety of sectors.

“Our members are not just a statistical member of their local Chamber of Commerce, they are members of a business network that links themselves and their company to other businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is these links that we know enable them to build the relationships upon which successful business partnerships will be created.”

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