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23:21 on Saturday
22 June 2002

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Alan Burdett Services announces a new, low cost, web design service

Large corporate web sites can involve elaborate graphics, animation, databases of product details and other complex subjects. It is simply not practicable for organisations to develop these themselves. The time needed to develop the necessary skills would never be justified. They are far better left to the experts specialising in this work.

For smaller webs, developing in-house is well worth considering. It is often the lowest cost option, also maintenance and up-dating is simple, quick and inexpensive. The series of training courses, which Alan Burdett Services has been running over the past two years is intended to make this possible.

There is, however, a third scenario. A considerable number of firms have said that they would like to be closely involved with the development of their site, and would usually like to maintain it, but are unable to spare the time necessary to develop it from scratch.

This service has been structured to make this possible, with close co-operation with the client as a very important aspect.


  1. The client will always own the domain and name.

  2. After payment of the agreed fee, the client will be provided with a full set of files and the copyright will be transferred to the client.

  3. When the web is ready, it will be published from the client's computer.

  4. A back up service is available, the aim of which will be to encourage the client to be as independent as possible, which will keep costs to a minimum. To facilitate this, it is recommended that at least one representative of the client attends a session of the preliminary training course, for which a financial incentive is offered.

For full details, see the Alan Burdett Services website below.

August 2001




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