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17 November 2002

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First unique green energy systems shipped to telehouses

The first combined cooling and power (CCP) units to be supplied to a 'telehouse' - data and telecommunications switching centre - have just been shipped to site by engineering company Brotherhood Aircogen.

The units have been built under a multi-million pound contract from telecoms firm 186k Limited awarded to Lattice Energy Services in partnership with Brotherhood Aircogen. The partners are to provide secure, cost effective energy to new telehouses at Hemel Hempstead and Bristol in the UK. These will be the world's first deployments of CCP in this reliability-critical application.

Telehouses require electrical energy and air conditioning (cooling) in broadly equal measure. This is normally provided at poor overall energy efficiency because of the high energy cost of electricity-based air conditioning.

However, the CCP system being installed for 186k eliminates the majority of the air conditioning power needs, reducing the overall energy demand by around 22 per cent. The ratio of cooling and power produced by CCP very closely matches the site requirements.

Based on Aircogen Nimbus CHP (combined heat and power) equipment, close-coupled to absorption chillers, the systems guarantee 99.999 per cent reliability of electricity supply - vital for round the clock, 365 days per year operation. A total of four 1 MW electrical output CCP units is being installed at Hemel Hempstead and two 660 kW units are being installed at Bristol.

The use of additional cooling capacity to back up the CCP system provides assurance of the maintenance of building and equipment temperatures through climatic extremes.

The environmental benefits of the CCP system, which include reduction of CO2 emissions by over 20 per cent, provide a number of tax advantages including Climate Change Levy exemption and enhanced capital allowances. Together with the avoided cost of standby generation and electric air conditioning, these provide significantly lower lifetime costs for the installed system.

Lattice Energy Services is managing installation of the telehouse CCP systems which it will own and operate under a long term energy supply contract with 186k. Brotherhood Aircogen is designing and building the systems and will ensure their reliable, efficient and cost effective long term operation.

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