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22:50 on Wednesday
16 June 2004

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Peter Brotherhood's expertise in the sugar industry wins contract

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A Peter Brotherhood shredder drive used to generate power in sugar mills.

Peter Brotherhood Ltd, which specialises in the design and manufacture of steam turbines, has proved the number 13 is lucky for some. Kamalia sugar mill in Pakistan has placed an order for its thirteenth Peter Brotherhood system. The Peterborough, UK, based company has secured the £350,000 contract for a 2,500 kW shredder drive steam turbine. The system will be used to generate mechanical and electrical power for the mill and its exhaust steam used to provide process heat within the plant.

The mill raises steam by burning bagasse (the waste product that remains after processing sugar cane) which is passed through the back pressure turbine to generate power.

This application is a very efficient method of producing power and process steam. It is also environmentally friendly as the CO2 emitted while burning bagasse is absorbed by the growing sugar cane crop and does not add to the greenhouse effect.

The shredder drive will comprise a multi-stage steam turbine and a reduction gearbox and oil system, all of which will be mounted on a common bedplate. The complete unit will be tested on steam at Peter Brotherhood’s state of the art engineering facility before being delivered to Pakistan.

Peter Brotherhood won the contact because of its extensive experience in designing and manufacturing steam turbines for the cane sugar industry. It has been producing these systems for over fifty years and has over 500 installed worldwide.

Peter Brotherhood supplied its first steam turbines to Pakistan in the 1950s. These were ordered by Premier sugar mills and are still in operation today.

Over a third of sugar mills in Pakistan are now operating Peter Brotherhood steam turbines and the total number installed in the country exceeds 150. Kamalia sugar mill purchased its first turbine from the company in 1978.

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