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16 June 2004


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Offering the widest range of courses in the local area, Peterborough Regional College have appointed the Black Pig Design Co to address the marketing issues facing the college and develop a creative theme to deliver their key messages over the coming years.

The College considers itself to be at the centre of local community and prides itself on developing the full potential of all students, regardless of their background or ability. Focussing on promoting the college as a provider of quality opportunities for all, Black Pig proposed a creative theme based on ‘shoes’.

Lisa Garwood, Head of Creative at Black Pig explained: “The ‘shoes’ theme reflects the College’s diversity and that they welcome students from all backgrounds and can help these students to become the person that they aspire to be. The creative idea is strong, simple and versatile, allowing the college to maintain the look across both internal and externally produced materials,”

She continues, “The shoes that have been chosen for the campaign are everyday shoes that most people can relate to…..they probably have a pair just like them in their wardrobe and it is this that enables the campaign to address the three core markets of full-time, part-time and degree level education. The College atmosphere and ideals have been reflected in the use of a bold colour palette and underlying the visual element of the campaign are well chosen keywords, reinforcing the messages.”

The first of the new look material was released at their recent open day in the format of a four page full colour newsletter and will be closely followed with the publication of the charter and student diary, and college prospectus’ next week.

Natalie Barrs, Marketing Manager at PRC commented: “We were impressed with the initial pitch from Black Pig. It was radically different from any other proposal and demonstrated that we could move away from the traditional ‘college’ look and take a more commercial approach to our marketing. We are delighted with the simple creative they’ve developed and very excited to see the response as the campaign rolls out over the summer.

Lisa concludes, “At Black Pig we believe that there is always a new way to do something. We consistently challenge traditional thinking, which leads us to create campaigns for our clients that define, inspire and transform them. By raising Peterborough Regional College’s profile we can differentiate them from their competition, and more importantly, help them capture a wider share of the further education market”.

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