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20:36 on Monday
30 December 2002

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Product development consultancy wins award

Peterborough-based product development consultancy 42 Technology has been presented with a SMART award (small firms merit award for research and technology) from the Department of Trade and Industry for it's innovative design of a capo tasto.

A capo tasto, more commonly know as a capo, is used to alter the pitch of the strings of a guitar by clamping around its neck. It is typically quite awkward to use, often needing two hands to remove or adjust, and can affect the tuning of the strings is excessive pressure is exerted.

42 Technology used its engineering design skills to develop a new approach to the design of the capo that would overcome the traditional problems.

The inspiration for the development of the capo came from 42 Technology's managing director, Nick Campling, who is an accomplished guitarist. He said: "I have always found the capo awkward to use so I decided that we should use our engineering and design expertise to develop a better product. Our capo can be removed or adjusted easily with one hand and it applies the minimum amount of pressure on the strings so that the tuning is not affected.

"The development of the capo was not just a personal campaign. We believe there is a real business opportunity. For example there are more than 1.7 million guitars sold each year in the USA and UK alone - and most guitars will have a capo. We are now looking at methods of commercialising our product.

"We have shown the capo to a number of professional musicians who have been very enthusiastic about it. There has also been interest from some of the biggest brand names in guitars and accessories.

"We are very pleased to have won the SMART award, it recognises 42 Technology for its innovation, which is what our business is about."

The SMART award scheme is designed to encourage the rapid growth of science and technology based businesses, which are using innovation in new products and processes.

42 Technology was established in 1995. It provides a product design and development service to a number of Cambridgeshire's leading technology and research companies.

March 2002




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42 Technology Limited
Litton House
Saville Road
Tel: 01733 765261
[email protected]

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