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Peterborough UK
04:09 on Thursday
28 June 2001

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What is a Virtual Office?

Callisto Network Consultancy working in a boardroom at ksa.virtual

Reception area at ksa.virtual

The idea of a 'virtual office' is a relatively new one in the UK and, as yet, there are not many companies offering this facility.

Intrigued by the concept, I decided to go and talk to someone who actually used one. I discovered Antonio Bayo Callisto, who has been introducing the Callisto Network Consultancy to the UK.

Mr Callisto came to the UK from the States where virtual offices have been around for some time, and are a facility he had already used from time to time. So, on arrival, he sought out a virtual office as the perfect place to conduct his business. This meant that he did not have to concern himself with rent, rates, office equipment and staff, enabling him to concentrate on building his client base. He was provided with a telephone and fax number dedicated to his business and staff to produce letters, emails and faxes and respond to telephone calls, taking and passing on messages. Additionally, he now had an office address for any 'snail' mail.

As the company name implies, Callisto Network Consultancy has an IT and communication remit. Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks are their prime products, when consulting on system security, but they are also rolling out to the UK a mobile networking solution, Orbiter, designed and created by them 'in house' in the States for businesses that have people who are constantly on the move. It may be that the nature of his business has made Mr Callisto more aware than most of the real benefits of reducing the frustrations and restrictions of maintaining a static and all too solid office, complete with staff and machinery.

To me it seems like a 'win, win' situation and, having now examined the benefits I find it difficult to ascertain the disadvantages. Obviously, it would be necessary to rely on the quality and discretion of the personnel running the virtual office. It would also be important that these staff inspired confidence and respect. That given, a person running a business by themselves would, I believe, find an ideal solution to their day-to-day administrative problems by this means.

Mr Callisto chose ksa.virtual for his virtual office, which provided him with the extra advantage of a prestigious Priestgate address. He told me that, at the very least, their standards equate well to the best available in the United States. Praise indeed!




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Article by Kay Allard

For more information visit ksa.virtual or Callisto Network Consultancy

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