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10 February 2009

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For the past three years, members of the Greater Peterborough Partnership (GPP) have been working together to build a ‘bigger and better Peterborough.’

The GPP provided a detailed review of their progress on 30 June, at their annual forum, held at The Bull Hotel, Peterborough, which this year was themed around the role of culture as a key driver for social and economic growth.

The Greater Peterborough Partnership

The key note speech was given by Simon Evans, an entrepreneur, consultant and advocate for cultural business. The Forum will review the achievements of the partners within the GPP over the last three years in delivering the vision of a bigger and better Peterborough, highlighting reductions in crime, improvements in health and the continued growth of the Peterborough economy, as well as discussing the challenges of the coming three years.

A summary of these highlights and disappointments can be seen in the table below:

Highlights Disappointments
20 per cent decrease in crime (target was 22 per cent)

University Centre Peterborough established

Increase in average life expectancy

2 per cent decrease in the number of young people not in education, employment or training

Increase in the number of people who feel they can influence decisions in their neighbourhood

10.5 per cent increase in recycling

25 per cent increase in number of bus passenger journeys

Eco innovation centre opened

Voyager School and Thomas Deacon Academy opened

3,000 new homes built, including 557 affordable homes

Increase in the number of new mothers initiating breastfeeding from 53% to 67%.

Rates of teenage pregnancies continue to be higher than in comparable cities

Adult skills levels have declined

Smoking targets were not met, although over 3,500 people were helped to quit

Fear of crime and perceptions of antisocial behaviour targets not met

Number of people who are satisfied with cleanliness in their area below target

Lower than hoped take up of renewable energy sources in development projects

Sexual health screening programmes did not reach as many young people as hoped

Also, Peterborough’s updated Sustainable Community Strategy, a 12-year strategic document setting out how Peterborough is to grow will be presented, along with its three year action plan.

Peterborough’s Community Strategy 2005-08 Report is available for download from 1 July on the GPP website, www.gpp-peterborough.org.uk

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