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19:28 on Tuesday
28 October 2003

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Export Expertise

There is no question that the prevailing exchange rate is one of many factors which make exporting less easy for UK manufacturers and service providers. There are, however, many other influences at play in the global economy which impact on the ability of UK companies to compete abroad not least of which are significant reductions in demand from major economies such as North America.

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It is also true that the marketing mix is not a simple question of price. The consumer or end user's buying decision is made on the basis of many factors, only one of which is price.

Product appeal, fitness for purpose, intrinsic brand values, distribution, availability, quality and design are just some of the factors a consumer or end user will consider in purchasing a product or service. It is difficult to generalise as each country has its own particular purchasing culture and economics. But it is true to say that well designed, appealing British products and services are in demand all over the world. The problem is identifying the markets and developing a strategy to sell to these markets.

Exporting is one way of growing your business. It is an activity that is often undertaken on a reactive basis with many companies seeing it as a part time activity.

To achieve maximum benefit from exporting it is necessary to be committed and to commit resources proactively. It is also necessary to balance the risk of a UK based growth strategy versus entering a new overseas market.

Tradepartners UK, one of the local Business Link services delivered through Cambridgeshire Business Services (CBS), seeks to encourage and support small businesses intending to commence exporting or consolidate and increase their export activities in new markets. A comprehensive package of services including market research, subsidised missions, sales lead service and advice from an International Trade Adviser is available.

The Tradepartners UK team are now looking to identify "novice" exporters in Cambridgeshire to participate in a new programme, "Passport To Export". The programme will include the development of an export action plan, workshops on the basics of exporting, market research, signposting to training opportunities and a market visit, plus the support and advice from an International Trade Advisor through out the process.

If you would like more information on the services available to exporters please contact the Tradepartners UK team through Business Link services on 0845 609 7979.




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