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20 February 2004

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Budget small business proposals summary

The Bad News

  • National Insurance bands are to be frozen at current levels for the tax year 2003/2004.

  • Employee's National Insurance will be deducted at 11% (2002 10%) from 5 April 2003 on pay between 4,615 and 30,420 (maximum NIC payable 2,838.55, compared to 2,580.50).

  • Pay over 30,420 will be subject to a 1% charge without any ceiling.

  • This may pave the way for larger increases in future years

  • Employer's National Insurance will increase by 1% to 12.8% from 6 April 2003.

  • Class IV National Insurance will increase by 1% to 8% on profits between 4,615 and 30,420, with an additional 1% being paying on profits above that level.

The Good

  • Small company tax rate reduced by 1% to 19%

  • Starting rate is reduced to Nil so a small company with taxable profits of 10,000 will have no tax to pay, effective immediately.

  • Stamp duty has been abolished on business property up to 150,000 - good news for property investment and development companies amongst others.

  • Capital gains tax for companies will be cut to 20% for assets held more than 1 year and to 10% for assets held more than 2 years.

  • Taper relief on the gains on disposal of business assets has been accelerated so that after only 2 years of ownership of the asset only 25% of the gain will be chargeable.

  • Vat Registration Threshold increased to 55,000.

  • Small companies will no longer be fined for the late payment of VAT.

  • Bad debt relief can be claimed after 6 months without the previous administration of writing to your customer and informing them that the VAT has been recovered.

  • Annual Accounting Scheme threshold increased to 600,000 with effect from 25 April 2002. In addition to the above it will now be possible to pay your VAT liability in 3 interim instalments rather than 9 under the Annual Accounting Scheme.

  • In order to reduce the administration burden on small companies there will be an optional flat rate scheme - the VAT liability will be calculated as a percentage of all turnover where the percentage will be set by industry e.g. 5% for food retail to 14.5% for IT consultancy.

  • In order to ease cashflow for subcontractors in the construction industry, tax deducted under the CIS scheme can now be offset against PAYE payments due and there will no longer be a wait until the end of the tax year to reclaim it.

  • Over the next few years it will become compulsory to file PAYE returns electronically for certain companies, for companies with more than 250 employees this will be from 2004/05, 50 or more employees from 2005/06.

  • For those with fewer than 50 employees there will be an cash incentive to file electronically from 2004/05 of 250, tapering to 75 in 2008/09.

  • There is to be universal electronic filing from 6 April 2009.

Points for small businesses to consider

  • Profitable sole traders and partnerships may consider incorporating to benefit from the lower levels of Corporation Tax and also to 'cap' National Insurance payments

  • Although the flat rate payment scheme for VAT will save time spent on administration, the rates applied may not be attractive for your business - you could end up paying more VAT.

  • Small businesses will have to look at IT investment in order to ensure that they are ready to meet the Inland Revenue's aims with regard to electronic filing.

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