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2 November 2012

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You can contribute to the content of the site. Whether it's by sending in a review of your favourite music or film, writing on a business subject or hobby, or just sending us information on local events. We also accept news releases from local businesses or organisations for publication online. Few releases or articles are refused, but we do reserve the right to decide which items appear. 

We want Peterborough Community Website to be your website, reflecting your views and interests. We always welcome feedback, as this enables us to find out if we're providing the things our visitors want to see.

If you're a budding journalist, or just like to write and want to share it with others, then let us know. We always give credit to our contributors and will include additional links to a contributor's website, where relevant. We can't be everywhere at once, so if you'd like to do reviews of theatre or shows, let us know and we can organise press passes.

We're not asking anyone to sign their lives away, we appreciate people have busy lives and are quite happy to receive things on an ad-hoc basis.

Event information can be sent in by using the form provided in the Calendar and Lifestyle sections. Alternatively, just drop us a quick email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Current content contributors:

Herald & Post - News, Leisure & Reviews
Lara Williams - Aromatherapy & Beauty Articles
Caroline Moroz - Star Sign of the Month
Ted Goff - Daily Business Cartoon
David Withers - Intellectual Property Guide
Joan & Andy Small - Health & Self-Help articles
Mureen Hunt - Hypnotherapy & Counselling
Mr Chris Dawson - Consultant Urologist
Smye Holland Associates - Business News

Jenny Mogford - Site Content Editor
Paul Young of Nene Digital - Photographs

EngineeringTalk - Local Engineering Newsfeed
Moreover.com - News feeds




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